International Sales Management
& Business Development

for capital goods

… You cannot change the wind, but you can adjust the sail  …



My passion is open minded and respectful with credibleness, creativity and enthusiasm to design
with your product the suitable solution for a client and thus to generate for both sides a profitable business
and building a long term relation.
I see myself as a partner for both sides.

The working method
  • First I need to detailed understand your product, and learn about your company.
  • Afterwards Setting up the USP‘s and pricing (if not already done).
  • Finally to create the customer contact information (presentation, video, etc.).
  • Now the target customers will be analysed and prioritized.
  • First personnel contacts either via my existing network or to directly to new clients.
  • Driving and controlling the project related work until the contract is signed
    (technical specialists support and quotes are not part of my service).

One sensitive part is to get in contact with unknown clients.
A first authentic, respectful, open and positive minded contact opens the channel for a conversation.

… You cannot change the wind, but you can adjust the sail …

The way to success is not always straight but influenced by external factors.
These factors need to be realised and handled with creativity, patience and flexibility to route the boot save into
the port of destination.

With this working philosophy my success rate is ca. 50%.

About me


University for applied science electrical engineering (Diplom-Ingenieur)

  • Practical Work
    International installation and commissioning of automized X-Ray systems for none destructive testing.
    Technical customer support.
  • Sales Project Management und Management
    Many years international project management, systems development and sales of automated packaging lines for
    perishable food.
    European management jobs with responsibility for budget, results and staff.
    Change Management Processes. Comprehensive communication on commercial and technical subjects
    to customers and within Management, Project Team, at all levels.
  • Sales und Management
    Managing Director in Germany for Germany, Austria and Swiss of a Danish company with turn key solutions for the meat industry.
    Profit and turn-over responsibility, contract management and staff responsivity.
    Sales work from A-Z and intensive communication to customer and internally at all level from skilled worker to owner.
  • Sales and Team Management
    International Key Account Manager for intralogistics solutions. Profit and turn-over responsibility.
    Sales project management from conceptual formulation up to contracting. Customer relation management.

Based on the technical education, the years of experience in different businesses and positions, I have a strong ability
to quickly grasp even complex subject matter.
My passion is to find with your product the suitable solution for a client, close a profitable deal and generate a
a long term relation.
Only if a customer is satisfied – I can be, too. At the end it‘s all about relation and solution finding.
A respectful, authentic and honest communication is my bedrock to work in an enthusiastic way.

Your Product

Your Product:

Your unique product and the benefits for the user is the main focus.
With these essential facts I am able to enthusiast suitable customer at the first contact
and storing up for a successful relationship.
Only when a customer is satisfied, a long term profitable relationship can develop.

Weather to realize your plans and goals

  • at a product launch
  • the German market opening for your product
  • for bottom line optimisation
  • the Geographical sales area extension
  • for Sales Project Management (i.e. on Interim base)

with my experience in different businesses and responsibilities, my personality, the way of communication and motivation to success, I take over full responsibility and leadership of these challenges.


How to contact me …

If you now sense that you and your product matches to my way of working and experience,
I am looking forward in hearing from you …

+49- (0) 173 468 793 1
+49- (0) 4106 6403170

… to learn more about your goals and how I can support in achieving  them.

… Because your product is something special …